Let's Work Together to Uncover Your Opportunities and
Create Your Bold, Unapologetic Life

You've already created a career, built a life which others see as successful, but inside you sometimes feel lost or unworthy.

Leaving a toxic or abusive relationship is huge, but the next steps can be just as hard; healing won't happen without support, commitment, willingness, resources, and curiosity.

You're here because you're ready and I want you to know, you're not alone.

Goals: Recover, Empower, Accept & Love Yourself

Personalized Unapologetically You Coaching

With personalized coaching, you will grow in courage and grace, learning more about your own strength and challenging old stories that no longer serve you.

Together we will explore the tools I've developed and how you can use them to uncover possibilities in your own life - to look ahead with curiosity and adventure, leaving behind your fear.

Your experience will include NLP coaching, Photography for Self-Confidence, and Art Life Coaching plus Somatic Healing techniques.

Find your own vision, with courageous expansion you'll create a life you can love. Sign up for a 3-month coaching package; I'll be by your side.

Cost - $1,950 US

Dynamic 90-Minute Power Coaching Session

The winds of change are rustling, and you stand on the precipice, both excited and uncertain about what lies ahead. You yearn for support, for a guiding hand to aid your exploration, but you're not sure what form this support should take.

Crafting your future is an art as unique as you are, and perhaps all you need is a single, focused session to dissect your current reality and divine your aspirations. Let's sculpt your vision together.

Empowered by courageous expansion, you'll start constructing the life you adore, brick by precious brick. Take a leap of faith with this one-off power session. A stepping stone towards creating a world where you are not just surviving, but thriving..

Rest assured, I'll be there, championing your journey every step of the way.

Investment: $175 US and You're Worth It!