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Hey there, lovely soul! Welcome to your very own Self-Esteem and Self-Worth Journal. This little gem is about to become your secret weapon in unleashing your true radiance and embracing your unique awesomeness.


Trust me, gorgeous, this journal is here to help you tap into your inner confidence and shine like the superstar you were born to be.


This journal is designed to help you identify and work through your worthiness wounds. These are the wounds that keep you from feeling worthy of love, happiness, and success. By working through this workbook and journal, you can begin to heal your worthiness wounds and move forward in your life.

This workbook helps you to understand:

  • What worthiness wounds are and how they manifest in your daily life
  • How not healing your worthiness wounds can lead to self-sabotage, hinder your personal growth and are in the way of becoming your highest self and living your best life
  • What 6 practical steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start discovering and healing your worthiness wounds

To your healing and self-discovery, Susan

There are 10 toxic habits that prevent a woman from fully stepping into and owning her feminine power and becoming the boldest, most confident version of herself.

When you download the ebook you will have access to the list and the ability to circle the ones that you feel you have. Then assess yourself on a scale of 0-10 for how strong you feel these qualities are.

This is an incredible step in your journey to self-awareness. 

Be honest and vulnerable and use this assessment tool to fuel your journey to living unapologetically!

To your courageous healing, Susan xo