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I champion women through the process of healing from difficult, high-conflict relationships,  guiding them to live boldly and unapologetically

If you've emerged from a high-conflict, toxic, or abusive relationship and are ready to rewrite your story with boldness and authenticity, you're in the right place.

This is where healing meets empowerment, and where you'll discover the keys to living unapologetically.

Dive into a world of transformation designed specifically for women like you, seeking to elevate their lives and embrace the freedom of enthusiastic self-expression.

It's time to unleash your power and reclaim your joy.

Let's embark on this journey together, because you deserve nothing less than a life lived to its fullest potential.


"Unapologetic living is reclaiming your power and rewriting 
your story with resilience and grace."

Susan Ball

Hi, I'm Susan

DV Survivor, Champion of Women, Advocate, Mentor, Empowering Survivors
Living My Best Bold Life

Someone I believed I loved tried to kill me and that began my deep healing journey. Key to my journey was honouring that I was the common denominator in all of my dysfunctional relationships. And the question became: Why?

I took a deep dive into the stories and scripts I had been taught as a young girl: Be good, good girls don't, get married, have children, be nice, don't make a scene. I was not taught boundaries or how to use my voice in a healthy way. My needs, wants, and desires were ignored and slowly, they became a mystery to me.

But, I chose to heal and to remove the stories that no longer served me. I went on a journey of self-discovery and I began to see my life opening up and that gave me the courage to say no, set and enforce boundaries, choose me.

And I want that for you!
Let's work together to create a bold life you love!

Susan's Expert Coaching Solutions

Three-Month Path to Unapologetically You Program

Together we will explore the tools I've developed and how you can use them to uncover possibilities in your own life - to look ahead with curiosity and adventure, leaving behind your fear.

Your experience will include NLP coaching, Photography for Self-Confidence, and Art Life Coaching plus Somatic Healing techniques.

Find your own voice and create a life you can love. 

Dynamic You 90-Minute Power Session

Are you ready to reclaim your life after a difficult, toxic, or abusive relationship?

Welcome to a transformative experience designed exclusively for women who are ready to take control and create an amazing, unapologetic life.

My 90-Minute Dynamic You Power Session is your first step towards healing, empowerment, and thriving beyond past challenges

AVANTI Retreats

AVANTI Retreats are life-changing experiences  tailored exclusively for extraordinary women seeking profound healing after high-conflict, toxic, or abusive relationships. Women who want to embrace healthy boundaries, let go of old stories, and live their life self-full and unapologetically.

June and October 2025

Feeling the Love

The Power of "Yet": Turning Dead Ends into Possibilities

When we have left the abuser and we want to create a new life for ourselves, it's not uncommon to encounter obstacles that seem insurmountable. These can range from personal doubts to external circumstances that block our paths. Phrases like "I have no money," "I'm not smart enough," or "I can't do this" become familiar refrains in our minds. However, the simple addition of a single word—"yet"—can transform these statements from declarations of defeat into expressions of potential and hope.

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Rediscovering Curiosity: The Key to Knowing Yourself

The biggest stumbling block to creating and living a new, bold, unapologetic chapter after abuse is you have become a stranger to yourself! You have spent all your energy appeasing, supporting, and acquiesing to the abuser simply to keep the peace or keep the abuser from hurting you or keep the abuser from leaving, etc. And now you are free from the abuser and feel lost - who are you? what do you want? what are your passions? Moving on and creating an amazing life for yourself begins when you embrace curiosity!

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10 Characteristics of an Unapologetic Woman

Women face an incredible number of demands every day. The demands can be "title-related": moms - feeding, bathing, cleaning, studying; career - deadlines, pressure, balance home and work; partner - spending quality time, date nights, sex - you get the picture. What is missing is the simple title of "woman" and her wants, needs and desires. They are at the bottom of her very long list.

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